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Home Inspections

Residential Inspections


The purchase of a home is one of the most expensive investments you can make. Don't you want it to be a sound one?

 That is where we come in. Siberian Home Inspections will inspect the major components of your home to make sure they are working as intended.  We offer several options for Inspections to fit every need. whether you need home inspections in Taylor, or home inspections in Allen Park or anywhere Downriver

1. Full Inspections: 

We check Exterior, Interior, Roof, Attic, Foundation, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling (In Winter, the AC should not be run below 60 degrees in order to prevent Condenser damage)

2. Pre-Listing Inspections:

Basically the same as a Full Inspection but done by the Seller before putting the house on the market so they can access how the home is performing and what if anything could cause a problem with the market value of the home, and whether or not it should be fixed prior to Listing or Closing. NOTE: This is not in place of a City Inspection if that City does Inspections. A City Inspection is to determine if the house meets the Codes of what the City wants.

3. FHA/VA Inspections:

A quick Inspection that looks for common issues that arise from an FHA or VA Mortgage Inspection. 

4. Specific Inspections:

Foundation, Roof, Exterior, Interior

Commercial Inspections


We do Small Office and Commercial Inspections and will be adding Large Office and Commercial Inspections (over 10,000 sq ft) soon. These Inspections take longer then an average inspection and sometimes requires the use of several different Trades to be brought in to evaluate the property and Building.  We do not deal with Zoning issues or Compliance.

We also offer Site Inspections for Out of Area Mortgage and Insurance Companies that need periodic Site Inspections to make sure their asset is performing ok and any safety issues are discovered and corrected.

New Construction


We can come out during the different phases of Construction and Inspect to make sure that all work is being done as it should be before you have the City come out to Inspect.  

We do Draw Inspections as well. We come out when the Contractor says a particular section is done and wants to be paid, and we determine how much of the work is complete and done in a standard workmanship manor, before recommending the Draw be released. There are many Contractors out there that are not above board and will try and collect money before the work is completed leaving you high and dry in the end. 

Pest Inspections


Don't let the Ants ruin your picnic.

Wood Destroying Insects can wreck havoc on the structure of your home. Termites, left undetected and untreated can  cause so much damage the home has to be Condemned.

 Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Powder post Beetles, are all other insects that love wood and can add a hefty fee to repair their damage .

We inspect for signs of current or past infestations and issue a report of our findings on HUD Form npma33

Handyman Services and More


At Siberian Home Services we take pride in our Craftsmanship and professionalism on all of our projects, whether it's assembling a Grill or Installing a Ceiling Fan or a Garbage Disposal. We are 5 Star rated on Amazon Home Services.

We offer Handyman services, ( Minor Plumbing, Minor Electrical, Drywall Repair, Garage Door Openers, Ceiling Fans, Garbage Disposals, etc).

we also offer things like Furniture and Exercise Equipment Assembly and Grill's, Kitchen Design Consulting, and Cabinet Installations. and more.

During the Winter months we offer Snow Blowing for Residential Customers. We charge $25 per hr, with a 1 hour Minimum. Size of lot (Corner or Regular) and Depth of Snow do not factor in. 

Radon Testing


Radon is a naturally occuring substance resulting in the break down of a radioactive isotope Iridium. Radon is harmless in normal circumstances except when it becomes trapped in or under a house and the levels can build up to dangerous levels. Radon is the second leading cause of Lung Cancer next to Smoking. Radon Tests take 48 hours to perform and take 7-10 days for Lab work. 

A test kit is placed on the lowest level of the home, typically the Basement. 

Readings over 4 pcpl requires a Radon Mitigation System be installed. That is not a service that we do currenty.

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